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IBG’s services are part of all segments covered by the company. Even though the services are clearly structured and predefined, the IBG team is prepared to adjust individual services or parts thereof directly according to the client’s specifications in order to always achieve the maximum possible effectiveness with respect to operation, security and economics. A major advantage for the client is IBG’s size and the breadth of its operations, thanks to which it is possible to join services with various products and applications or, as early as in the solution design phase, to work comprehensively and seek out possible synergies.


In most cases, IBG’s sales process does not involve only direct sales of components or services. It primarily consists of a chain of sub-processes ranging from analysis of the client’s actual needs, consultation and proposal of a solution, through design, to operator training.
IBG’s sales team actively manages all requirements of clients, informs them of new aspects and trends, and ensures further communication and support for the client from IBG, both in the sales and after-sales, operating phase. The technical sales-support department is primarily used for this purpose.


IBG provides various forms of leasing for clients which, for various reasons, find ownership of technologies or individual products to be an unsuitable option. The particular form of leasing always depends on the type of products, the necessary lease term and other specific details. The leasing department is responsible for this service in all three countries in which IBG operates. Thanks to this, a full fleet of products is available for lease with a high degree of flexibility in covering the client’s needs.


The most important after-sales service is maintenance. Every client requires maximum operational reliability and service life from the delivered technology, while achieving minimal operating costs. In order to fulfil this requirement, IBG has a highly developed system of preventive inspections and active maintenance. Elimination of breakdowns, malfunctions and other critical situations in 24/7/365 mode is a matter of course. IBG provides full service using its own network of service technicians, the density of which guarantees maximally effective service interventions.


In the case of many technical devices, there is a legislative obligation to perform inspections at prescribed time intervals. IBG does not perform inspections itself, but rather assists the client with determining which devices require inspection and when only a preventive inspection will suffice. A very efficient method in this respect is to combine a legally required inspection with a preventive inspection or with active maintenance interventions.

Project planning

For most solutions, it is necessary to create project documentation for either approval or implementation purposes. IBG uses its own project managers who are specialists in individual segments of the company’s operations. Thanks to this model, subsequent implementation runs very smoothly.

Monitoring centre

IBG has its own remote monitoring system which makes it possible to monitor and subsequently evaluate the operation of individual devices. In addition to the possibility of monitoring the current status and obtaining data on the operational history, the system enables performance of immediate and very effective service interventions on the basis of reported defects and problems.