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Data centres serve for the operation of services, data repositories and other elements of ICT infrastructure in ideal conditions, with a high degree of physical security and high-capacity connectivity to the internet. Today, data centres are no longer the domain only of large companies. Even smaller firms need to process and store large amounts of data. For this purpose, companies can use their own small data centres or have their data stored in large data centres on rented servers, or possibly place their own information technology in a rented space in a data centre. In addition to data storage, these servers can also be used for user applications.

Our company provides all non-IT components for data centres. We ensure construction of new data centres and refurbishment of older ones. We also provide modular and container data centres requiring minimal infrastructure. We guarantee provision of comprehensive services in the area of construction and maintenance of data centres, from design through first-class components from renowned manufacturers and professional implementation to subsequent full service. We offer many years of experience with non-IT technologies, especially backup power supply and air-conditioning.

Power supply

Electricity supply must be ensured in all circumstances. Furthermore, the character of power supply must correspond to the required certification of the data centre (Tier). Backup power-supply systems (UPS, motor-generators – often both in parallel redundant configuration) or power supply from multiple sources (independent of power lines and transformers) are employed.

As a reliable partner with more than twenty years of experience in the power industry, IBG ensures full service in the area of power supply – we install all electrical infrastructure (cabling and mounting systems, distribution equipment), backup power-supply systems (motor-generators, UPS, batteries), lighting systems and all related equipment (sockets, parapet channels, etc.).


Reliable and sufficiently dimensioned ventilation and air-conditioning are very important for a data centre. The highest operating efficiency is achieved by state-of-the-art systems combining natural cooling (intake of cold air from outside) and air-conditioning (for use in the case of higher outside temperatures, when outside air is not cold enough). A trend in this area consists in placing strong emphasis economical operation, as maintaining the optimum temperature for IT is very energy intensive.

Our company provides full service in this area, from design through first-class technologies from renowned manufacturers to professional implementation. Besides cooling, air-conditioning is very important in the event of fire, specifically for emergency ventilation of the given space. We will design for you the optimum custom solution for economical operation of your data centre.

Physical security

A data-centre facility must be secured against all risks, such as unauthorised entry and fire. We use the following systems for security: fire-alarm system, stable fire-extinguishing equipment, security system, access control system and camera system (CCTV). All data-centre equipment is monitored by means of a central monitoring system.

In this area, our company offers you a broad portfolio of products and services that include everything from design to top-quality products and installation thereof, guaranteeing long-term reliable operation of all technologies, to reliable service in the area of remote administration and maintenance.


A data-centre facility must fulfil high standards with respect to, for example, resistance to fire and earthquakes, as well as sufficient handling space for installing and maintaining all technologies, but it must also have the required level of security (wall thickness, access control, etc.). Another important aspect is the load-bearing capacity of the floors and of the entire structure with respect to the weight of individual components, which can weigh several tonnes – e.g. motor-generators, very high-performance UPS and stands with backup batteries.

IBG ensures construction of new data centres and refurbishment of older ones, while always striving for solutions that are efficient in terms of both energy and material. In the area of construction, we provide comprehensive services – from design through selection of high-quality materials and progressive technologies to expert implementation.