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Nearly every vehicle contains a source of electricity which is used in several ways, from starting an internal-combustion engine, through traction drive or as part of a hybrid system, to backing up on-board and safety equipment. In this area, IBG originally offered comprehensive solutions for rail vehicles, but today the company is responding to the global trend of developing electric vehicles and is prepared to provided solutions for these applications.


Rising requirements for reduction of local emissions and noise levels in large and medium-sized cities are compelling manufacturers to develop increasingly more ecological and efficient vehicles. Vehicles powered by electric motors, especially electric buses, delivery vehicles and other logistics vehicles, and trolleybuses, are thus coming to the forefront of interest in this area. In the case of so-called independent traction, we deliver exclusively lithium-based batteries due the more favourable ratio of bound energy to weight.  Absolute safety, reliability and optimum usage of capacity is ensured by an advanced battery management system, which is an integral part of such batteries. All of our solutions are in compliance with the legislation in force and are built on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies.

Rail vehicles

Solutions for rail vehicles primarily involve vehicle batteries and charging thereof. These batteries are used in locomotives, passenger trains and carriages, special rail vehicles, trams and subway trains, where they serve for starting and for powering and backing up on-board systems.  The batteries must always be correctly designed for the required application in terms of both size and the utilised technology. IBG provides all three utilised technologies: lead, alkaline and lithium. For proper operation, accessories such as battery-status monitoring and diagnostics are important. An integral part of a comprehensive solution comprises charging stations for performing prescribed maintenance and service, which from the product perspective includes energy sources, loaders, battery-exchange systems and accessories.