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Traction drive has been used for several decades for applications in handling technology, floor-cleaning machines, work platforms, wheelchairs, ice resurfacers and boats. It has become increasingly important in recent years. This trend is due primarily to rising ecological pressure, increasing requirements for quality of the work environment and efforts to cut economic costs. This trend is also supported by the introduction of new technologies and the ongoing improvement of traditional components. IBG’s solutions for the traction-drive segment involve the correct design of battery systems and charging method, on which the level of operational readiness and reliability and, of course, investment and operating costs depend. More than in other segments, the parameters of services, especially the repair and maintenance programme, are very important here. Furthermore, the specifics of individual types of operations are taken into account in the solutions, as clients are recruited from all areas of industry, manufacturing, trade and logistics, healthcare and other sectors. Thanks to IBG’s more than two decades of experience, the client has the certainty of the optimum solution for this issue, which is proven by the number and significance of implementations and, primarily, the absolutely privileged position of IBG on the market.

Battery systems

In terms of components, battery systems are composed of batteries, charging devices and accessories. For of the above-mentioned groups, IBG’s components portfolio contains several technologies, and in the context of combining these technologies, the relatively complicated question of how to select operationally and economically functional battery system can arise. The answer to this question is IBG solutions, which are designed on the basis of an extensive analysis of the client’s needs and objectives. The result for the client is the complete setup of the given battery system, i.e. definition of the appropriate batteries and charging devices including the number thereof, appropriate accessories and operational plan, and charging. When designing a solution, the total costs are taken into account at the economic level, i.e. not only investment costs, but also operating costs from initial use to liquidation. The solution design also includes the optimum setup of accompanying services, primarily maintenance and monitoring services, with the objective of maximising the service life of the entire system.

Charging stations

In the case of comprehensive designs of charging stations, IBP always drafts the spatial arrangement of the given station and the individual technologies (charging, ventilation, handling), so that only the absolutely necessary area is utilised without needlessly occupying other production or storage spaces. Thanks to proprietary charging, ventilation and heating solutions, the charging stations achieve maximum energy efficiency. Another part of the solution is a system for exchanging batteries and the internal logistics of the charging station. From the perspective of the charging station’s operational management and control, installation of a monitoring and control system is a very positive aspect.