IMS Policy

Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Information Security Management Policy of IBG Česko s.r.o.

Business focus and professional competency

IBG Česko s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “IBG”) is currently undergoing the most significant changes since its establishment in 2002. The necessity of these changes arises from the “Vision 2020” strategy, which we defined in 2017 in response to fundamental changes in the technological products of our portfolio and new trends in certain segments of the market.

Fulfilling the objectives of the “Vision 2020” strategy affects the entire company, from products and creation of know-how relating to comprehensive IBG solutions, through organisation and processes, to management systems, reporting and ICT. A high degree of attention is being focused primarily on HR, whether that involves the necessity of filling newly created positions with competent employees or ensuring the quantity in existing positions or the sophisticated system of education necessary to maintain today’s positions on the market and the ability to become established in new product and market areas.

The external impetus for the formulation of “Vision 2020” primarily consisted in new trends in the energy sector connected with the decentralisation of electricity and heat generation, projects initiated on the basis of Industry 4.0 and the massive transition to lithium battery technology. The internal impetus was primarily the increase of the company’s productivity, optimisation of existing processes and implementation of new processes, including adjustments to the organisational structure enabling further activities and growth.

For easier management and clear presentation of the company’s activities, we have divided such activities into five areas:

  • Mobility
  • Power generation
  • Backup power supply
  • Data centres
  • Supervision and management

The objective of the “Vision 2020” project is to build on IBG’s successes, position and experience to date and move the company into new areas and products, increase turnover and profits, differentiate the company from the competition both in terms of the scope of activities and products and in terms of the creation of the company’s own unique solutions, thus stabilising the entire company and ensuring its growth.

Commitment of the company’s top management

IBG’s top management is committed to creating the necessary organisational conditions for improving the effectiveness of management through ongoing improvement of applied quality management systems, environmental management and management of occupational health and safety (hereinafter referred to as “OHS”).

IBG also strives to ensure the continuity of the company’s business activities, minimise potential damage by preventing security incidents and to declare to customers, business partners, employees and the public its ability to protect data, information and property owned by and entrusted to the company in accordance with legal and contractual requirements. In order to enforce the Information Security Management System Policy, the company possesses an implemented, maintained and developed information security management system in accordance with the ČSN ISO / IEC 27001 standard.

For the fulfilment of its commitments, IBG’s top management:

  • improves production, logistics, sales and maintenance processes and provides available resources – financial, personnel, material-technical.
  • assesses customers’ satisfaction with products and technical services and selects and evaluates suppliers of products and services in order to improve the quality of manufactured equipment and performed maintenance.
  • applies the requirements of legal regulations and other binding requirements in the areas of quality management, the environment and OHS.
  • improves the company’s environmental profile for the purpose of environmental protection and prevention of pollution, uses information on significant environmental aspects and their impact on production and maintenance.
  • identifies and manages the risks and opportunities of quality and environmental management in order to increase the effectiveness of the integrated management system.
  • continuously identifies hazards and assesses OHS risks in the course of production and maintenance and implements measures to manage such hazards and risks, issues measures aimed at prevention of accidents and damage to health, and improves OHS performance.
  • improves internal and external communication with interested parties, particularly administrative bodies, with respect to the issues of environmental protection and OHS.
  • enhances employees’ awareness of the importance of fulfilling all obligations in the areas of production and maintenance quality, environmental protection and OHS.
  • fulfils all requirements of the relevant legal regulations that are imposed on the company in the area of ​​information security.
  • ensures the availability of information at all times and anywhere for designated workers and entities.
  • ensures the correctness and veracity of information.
  • ensures that information is accessible only to those who need it for the purpose of performing their work.
  • provides employees with ongoing education in the area of information security.
  • considers the violation of information security rules to be a gross breach in accordance with the Labour Code.
  • ensures that adopted security measures are directly proportionate to the level of risk and level of acceptability determined by company’s management.
  • will increase the effectiveness of the information security management system.

The Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Information Security Management Policy is binding for all employees of IBG Česko s.r.o.

Aleš Zázvorka
executive director

The signed original of this document is available at the registered office of the company.

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